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Task 1

A) Look at the questions. Select the correct answer from the dropdown.

Answer 1
Answer 2
Answer 3
Answer 4
Answer 5
Answer 6
Answer 7
Answer 8

Task 1

B) Read the questions and choose the best answer

Tom: What did the person in the book do?

Tom: Wow! That's an exciting thing to do!

Tom: Do you like the book?

Tom: Is it a very long book?

Tom: Can I read it after you?

Task 2

Read the text below and answer the questions

This text is about

Where does Ania Live?

Where is Ania from?

How old is Ania

How many friends does Ania Have

Task 3

A) Answer the questions using the information provided in the illustration, instructions and glossary

Please complete the sentence

The text tells you how to

Select the correct word from the dropdown.

Check you have some ice cubes you make the coffee.

Look at the instructions and pictures. You add the ice cubes to the tall glass

Look at the glossary and the instructions. What do you move from one place to another?

In which order do you make the iced coffee?

Task 4

Read the following text and answer the questions on the following page.

What is the best title for the text?

Put the events from Rashida’s life in the order which they happened.

Rashida got involved in her children's learning
She won a national award
She helped to organise over 20 different courses
She got a job as Community Education Co-ordinator in Burngreave
She started her community work

Which government office decided Rashida should have the award?

How did Rashida decide which courses to start?

Complete the sentence using the correct word from the following ones:

The needs of parents attending courses in Burngreave have resulted in the of a crèche for children under three.

Task 5

Read the following text and answer the questions on the following page.

Text one is advice for students when they are

What is missing from text one?

How much does it cost to send the form in text two to Jake Smith?

Why should you fill in the form in text two?

If you are not against the shutting down of the fire station then you should

Task 6

For each sentence complete the second one so that it means the same as the first.

My friend told me that I could stay in his flat.

My friend said: 'You my flat'.

I started living here two months ago.

I have lived here two months.

This is the first time I’ve lived in a city.

I’ve in a city before.

The flat has two bedrooms.

There in the flat.

My bedroom is too small for all my books.

My bedroom is not for all my books.

Large cars use more petrol than small cars.

Small cars don’t use as large cars.

Check your tyres before a long journey.

Before a long journey, remember your tyres.

When I was young, I drove a small car.

I used to a small car when I was young.

My car windscreen was broken by a stone.

A stone my car windscreen.

Who does this van belong to?

Whose this?